Home Sealing Houston

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Are you aware of the flat that 50% of the conditioned air is lost through attic, gaps and holes in the walls and ceilings, gaps in ducts, doors and windows, So proper measures should be taken to seal your home effectively

Leakage may be due to:

  • Gaps, holes and cracks in the floor or ceiling caused by wiring work, fixing up of panels and electrical appliances
  • Gaps at the corners between the side walls and ceiling
  • Bulk heads over kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Gaps due to improperly placed ducts or equipment.

We offer the following services:

  • A blow door test to find out low conditioned air escapes
  • We take different measures to seal all the gaps and holes.
  • We offer a free energy and find out the gaps and holes.
  • We offer different kinds of insulation like fiber glass, blow and spray
  • We check seal, repair or replace ducts to prevent escape of conditioned air.

Call us and we will offer services in an honest and ethical manner. We are experts in home sealing and we offer the best solutions.