Heating Tuneup

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A regular tune up of the heating system becomes mandatory, if you want smooth functioning of the equipment throughout the season. We offer tune up services that are effective and helps bring down energy bills to a great extent.

We offer the following tune up services:

  • We do a thorough check of the system to check the system to check the heating performance
  • We check the thermostats and make necessary adjustments.
  • We check the ducts for cracks, holes and gaps.
  • We check the indoor air quality for carbon monoxide leaks
  • We check the flue pipe and vents
  • We do a thorough inspection of all gas pipes and valves
  • We do a blow door test for leaks of conditioned air
  • We check, clear or replace filters for better efficiency
  • A complete check of the system to foster overall efficiency

A proper tuning up of the system increases the life span of the system. It fosters a smooth running of the equipment for a longer period of time. We offer cost effective tune up services to enable better functioning of the equipment. Call us and we will offer prompt services that you will not regret.